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What our customers say

"The Splash pads have become a huge draw...

not only within the neighborhoods but from across the city. So far we are seeing about a four-fold attendance increase in each location, compared to the pools."

- Lonnie Jones / City Manager for City of St. Petersburg.

No Status quo

"After installing several [your] systems, I can honestly say I will never go back to the status quo."

- Don Ball The Pool Works

Phenomenal job!

"Well we can't tell you guys enough how much we appreciate the phenomenal job you did on our equipment pack that you made for us on one of the biggest jobs of the year for us. The level of customer service far exceeded our expectations, also we were so happy we had no costly surprises or additional cost. I would and do totally recommend you to all who ask about Collector tanks, Filtration systems, Splash pad features and Gutters."

-Todd Theisen / Theisen Brothers

Better, Easier, Less Expensive

"These systems are built better, install easier, are better looking and less expensive, what else can I say!"

- Dave Bender Seaside Builders

Better, Easier, Less Expensive

"These tanks give our company a much more professional image. This is truly the Mercedes of tanks!"

- Adam Axium/ Paradise Custom Pools

Splash  Pads

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AquaWorx water toys, also known as ‘spray toys,’ liven up any pool or children’s play area by creating a fun, safe, and interactive environment.These colorful attractions are great for theme parks...
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Packs / Filters

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We make filter packs for many different uses – pools, fountains, and spray pads. They can be designed to use DE, sand, vacuum cartridge, and complete pressure cartridge filters...
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Get ready to slide into an exhilarating wet-n-wild experience on a smooth as glass waterslide. Custom designs, colors and sizes can be tailored to meet your project requirements. Let us show you how!
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Collector Tanks

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AquaWorx' collector tanks range in size from 65 to 4,000 gallons and larger adaptable sizes can be customized for your needs.
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